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Ashtanga yoga

~ What is Ashtanga Yoga?  ~

" 自立のためのヨガ "

~ What is Ashtanga Yoga? ~

"Ashtanga Yoga" was systematized based on classical yoga in the South Indian city of Mysore.

"Ashtanga" is a Sanskrit word that means "eight steps of yoga" and is a teaching related to thoughts and actions such as "non-violence, honesty, and knowing enough."
We also recommend that trainees adopt "Asana (pose) and pranayama (breathing method)", which are said to lead to a stable state of mind and body, as a daily habit.
The purpose of the pose / breathing method is not the flexibility of the body, but the activation of the functions of internal organs and nerves.
In addition, it is to cultivate concentration, tenacity, and vitality in terms of spirit through regular and many years of experience.

Photo: Master Sharath Jois @Mysore India 


~ Asana (practice of pose)  ~

Ashtanga Yoga [Asana (pose)] is pre-ordered like radio calisthenics.
Shara (practice field / studio)
 ) Daily classes will be tailored to the stability ofeach student's stamina andposes, with the support of the instructor.

■ Primary Series (Beginner / Yoga Therapy)

■ Intermediate Series (Intermediate / Nerve Purification)

■ Advance A to D series (Advanced ・ Styrabaga )

This order is intentional and it is very important to practice step by step.

Ashtanga yoga asanas (poses) go beyond the complexity and perfection of shapes [ Breathing, banda (sense of Tanda, etc.), gaze] support each other, and it is very important that concentration and stability are brought to the mind and body in the movement.

These three elements are stable [Tristana: Trinity] It is said that being in this state will bring about positive effects and changes on the mind and body at the same time as the development of Asana.

Our teaching is based as thought by Guru Sharath Jois.
........ With the expression of respect to him and
  lineage ..........

Turi with respect for his teacher and genealogy

We provide guidance based on the method of Indo Mysore.

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  (Old  KPJAYI)

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